The world has changed immensely over the past decades. Especially since the Shift window of 2010-2015, so much has changed in every aspect of life that when the protective veil lifts and people become aware, they are going to have difficulty adjusting. Many new energies and attitudes have come into our world, that humanity with her long history in Shadow has no idea how to handle. We are going to need help.

Many complicated problems

All the theories and philosophies and ideas that we have held on religion and society and language and education, they will all be wrong. They were developed in a time of shadow, when we still thought it was reasonable to live in fear all the time.

As a result, people are going to be excited and passionate and curious...but also anxious and despearate, because all of their habits are not longer appropriate. After such a long time living in Shadow, people won't know how to live in the light. Parents will be unsure how to raise their children and teachers won't know how to teach their students in a healthy way. Many people will wake up and realise they are seeking something more, but they will have no idea what it is or how to look for it. Governments and large organisations will know they need to do something drastically different, but no structures exist in our world to govern large amounts of people from the light and from the heart.

We will be facing challenges and difficulties in healing the damage done to our planet over the past centuries, in addressing pollution and habitat destruction, in restructering the distribution of resources so no one has to struggle for basic survival any longer, and in ending the fear and hatred that have come out of our history of violence. We will have to end wars and armed conflict, and help entire nations come to terms with the heart-based idea that we are one world and one people. In doing so, we won't be able to trust much of the information provided in the past as many organisations collecting that information were involved in the destruction of our world in the first place.

Few qualified people

It's a big world, with billions of people over hundreds of nations, all dealing with confusion and problems on so many different levels. What lies ahead of us is a huge task for a huge amount of people.

Many of those people, because of the nature of the Shift, will be going back to very healthy but very child-like energies. The majority of the population will be dealing with learning how to be kind to one another and how to live their lives from joy. They will be emotionally young as they are coming out of the deep shadow of their past, and will have great difficulty handling issues that require wisdom and subtlety and a long view. Their hearts may be coming online, but they are very new to love and compassion, and they will feel far too unsure in this new field to be confident about making life-changing decisions for millions of others.

What this world needs is a group of strong and healthy emotional adults, who have grown up in this world and know it intimately while at the same time being solidly rooted in the light. They need to have enough awareness of both the physical and the energies, a solid understanding of complex situations, and the emotional and spiritual maturity to lead.

That's a difficult combination.

Everybody who is alive now, has grown up and lived their formative years in a world drenched in Shadow. Not until 2035 or thereabouts can we expect the first generation of children who have grown up in a world of light to start making a real difference, and even they are children raised by parents who grew up in Shadow. It won't be until the generation after them that we will see humanity come into its true potential.

The consequence of this is that there are only very few qualified people available at the moment to help lead our world into the upcoming decades. Fortunately, we do not have to do it alone.

A long preparation

The Shift that happened between Oct 2010 and Oct 2015 was a major event that happens once in the history of a world. While the energies of Shadow were removed from a large area of space and the energies of magic are coming back to a wide range of solar systems, it is Earth where an entire species is awakening to the Heart for the first time. Humanity's current leap in evolution is a huge one, against steep odds.

Many of the other races in our area of space have been watching us for a long time, and among them, many have done more than simply watch. Countless older, wiser beings have chosen to be born into a human life, or walk into a life of someone who was ready to leave, to come and help us through this transition. A rare few of them are ancient and very powerful (tier 0), there are those who are older and wiser (tier 1) and many of those who are more experienced and stable than normal humans (tier 2). Without their help, we would be a world full of children, confused and flailing all over the place, unsure where to go and how to act.

They are among us right now, living ordinary lives as ordinary people, and often do not even realise that they are in any way different. They are fathers and mothers and young adults and small children. They are accountants and painters and teachers and salesmen. Some of them may have found their way into spirituality, but most have not, and have never considered themselves anything special.

They do not have active memories of who they are, or why they are here. They are waiting, all of them, until such time as they are called to wake up and remember who they are. Some of them may never find what they were looking for in this life, damaged by the harshness that was life on this world for the past decades. They knew this going in, and took the risk. Others will suddenly wake up when the time is right, and find that deep inside, they have the awareness and wisdom needed to help guide our world into the new Golden Age.

They will look amazing to the rest of the world, and they will stand out because of they kindness, their wisdom, their strength and beauty and ability. They will come from all nationalities, all cultural and religious backgrounds, but when they speak, they speak from the heart, as people of Earth.

Tier 0, the Stalwarts

The most notable of the group of beings come to our world to help are the spiritual Stalwarts - a select group of 50-300 people who will be so far beyond humanity in wisdom, awareness and ability that no human will be able to get close in the next thousand years. They are human only in as far that they grew up here in this life, and once they awaken, they will not identify as human.

The Stalwarts are hacking the systems. It shouldn't be possible to be this advanced in a human body, after only a very short human lifetime, but these ancient beings are an exception to the rules that apply to anyone else. You can think of them as superusers, here with an immensely advanced knowledge and development to help our world through the initial transition period, able to do things no one else can. There will not be others like them after.

They will be naturally functioning at what - in the Life Path Archetypes - is considered the C-level, a level of spiritual maturity and mastery that we've only barely tried to imagine in our movies and TV shows. Every one of them will be very different, with their own particular set of skills and gifts and knowledge that they have mastered over very many lifetimes.

The Stalwarts are likely to be a little remote from society, working as advisors to governments and large organisations, doing pioneering research into new areas, and whatever else seems to them as necessary. They are the ones with the abiligy and wisdom to lead and set a course for the futue. When they speak, people will listen, because they are so right every time. They will be able to see patterns that are hidden to everyone else, logically or intuitively predict outcomes to complicated situtions, find the underlying cause of problems and come up with beautiful, elegant solutions no one would have been able to perceive.

Right at the moment, they don't know any of this. One of these 300 could be your neighbour, your brother, your teacher in school ... or there might not be one to be found in your entire country. They are living as ordinary people, and they won't stand out to you for any of the characteristics you might be looking for. When it is time, when they awaken, they will suddenly have access to all that they are, and as such will be able to stand up very quickly.

Tier 1

Below the Spiritual Stalwarts we will see the awakening of a group spiritual adults, perhaps 100.000 people who here to play a very direct and influential part in the decades to come. Some of them will have spent a very long time in this world and bring much experience and understanding of our past and our potential. Others will have come into a human life from some of the older races who have been watching us and want to help. They bring with them knowledge and ability from places that have long solved the problems we still struggle with. All of them will wake up with an advanced understanding, awareness that would normally take decades of hard work to develop.

These people will function well above what humanity has generally been capable of, at what is considered the B-level, a level of maturity and stability from where one can clearly perceive the underlying structures. People at the B-level are heart-centered, compassionate, loving. All their decisions come from the heart. Until the Shift made it possible for humans to awaken their second mind and work from there, no one could reach this level, and so we have almost no examples in our world of people like this. Unlike the Stalwarts, they are not ancient and they are not yet masters, but they bring a wealth of awareness and skill in their areas of expertise that our world sorely needs.

If the Stalwarts were Superusers, hackers and developers with behind-the-scene access to the parameters of this game we call life, think of this group as admins, people who are playing the game, but with a solid knowledge of functionality and current developments and access to some cheat codes. They are making sure people get along, handle problems, and are deeply invested in getting regular players the most amazing game experience they can.

These will be the people who are more directly involved in the day to day interaction with people. They will be found speaking to crowds, teaching large workshops, creating videos or writing books, or getting involved in government and other decision-making positions. They will have a clear sense of how to tackle many of the problems in our world, and the ability to conceptualise and organise and create practical solutions by involving people from all walks of life.

They will step into key positions and be instrumental in reforming education, sexuality, the way we handle relationships, international politics, global healthcare and environmental protection, spirituality and the development of magic and intuitive abilities. They will help us process newly revealed information about our past and present, as well as eventually being interfaces with those from other races when they consider humanity evolved enough to make contact.

Tier 2

Below the spiritual adults there will be a large group of people who are beautiful, stable, healthy expressions of what humanity can be in the light. They will be the ones who are examples to all the billions of other people who are just working through the child energies and are trying to learn what comes beyond that.

You can expect perhaps a million of these. They might remember 10 different past lives in this world and from them have gained some more wisdom that allows them to be stable and functioning as healthy A-levels. In a world of billions of people, they will be common enough that everyone will know one of these, as a relative, a friend, someone from work, someone they grew up with.

If the Stalwarts are superusers and the tier 1 group are the admins, think of this group as high level players, people who have played the game for quite some time and have gained a lot of experience and resources in that time. Both by example and by teaching them directly, they will show the younger ones how to play the game, where to go for resources, how to make it through quests, and they won't hesitate to jump in and help people through sticky situations and share their wealth with those just starting out.

They are the parent figures, the kind older brothers and sisters who have been where you're going to go, and who will love you and guide you and support you as you make your way through your own process and development. They are the ones who will make it safe and fun for the rest of the world to come out of hiding and start to explore and enjoy life.

They will be skilled with language, communication, nature, emotions, teaching, technology, logistics, any number of the areas that interest them, but most of all they will stand out because of their commitment to light, their passion, their love for this world and those living in it and their drive for making a real difference. This group will be essential in providing the stability and brightness that will be so needed in a time where most of the world's population will want to explore the much more childlike energies they need for healing, and are so busy handling the confusion and excitement they feel at all the changes in their life.


Slowly, starting in late 2016, some of the people we talked about above, the ones who came to help our world make the transition into the new Golden Age, are starting to wake up. They are starting to remember who they are. Within the realm they work in, they are suddenly finding things easier, they are starting to put the pieces together, and people are starting to notice and listen to them. They are starting to realise that they are different than the people around them, and they will feel a pressure from somewhere deep inside to start communicating the things that matter to them.

They won't even realise at first that they have changed, that they are saying things that make no sense given their human experience, like "I am not going to die, I am older than the stars!" or "well, when I was living at French court the Vatican said ..." or "You say that, but actually I feel that the underlying motivtion here is ..." To help them remember, the world is calling out to them from many different directions.

Soon, it will start to become obvious that there are those among us who are something more, something larger, something far wiser and older than the rest of us. These people will start to function at the A-, B- or C-level easily and without the many, many years of hard work and study that it would otherwise take to get to this place. They will start to look around them, and they will care, and they will act.

They may go from decades of sitting at home or holding simple jobs to suddenly deciding something needs said or done, and dropping everything to do exactly that. They may start out slowly, displaying huge awareness and insight and brilliance in some remote or irrelevant niche that is not getting any attention, building the skills that can be easily expanded to world sized problems when the time is right. There is no one single path to waking up.

Not all of those who came here for this purpose are going to make it. Some will be too damaged by this world, too far retreated in their protective sleep, too disturbed by the shadow and violence they've witnessed, and they will never remember who they are, or the potential for something greater will fade away in them until they are just ordinary people. Success is not guaranteed. This was a given from the start. Every one of these people took the risk of investing so much of themselves into coming here ... knowing they might not be able to pull through and make that difference in the world and knowing it might take them lifetimes to recover.

We as a world owe a debt of gratitude to all those older and more aware beings who cares enough to be born as one of us, and from the limited reach of a human form help set this world on a path of increasing light and creativity and harmony and power. What will happen in the next 20 years is going to shape the future of humanity for the next 20.000 years.

To those great ones 

"Because it is the nature of humanity, there are going to be some who lead and most who follow. Those of you who have been paying attention, those of you who have a larger calling, those with more awareness, you may not seem amazing to yourself right now, but in a world where everything has changed, everything that matters, things you can't even imagine yet, people are going to be looking at you and saying "Tell us what to do! What does this mean, explain it!" If you came here to play such a big role, to help this world to be less chaotic, to bring it guidance and leadership, to help people find a smoother, more comfortable, more beautiful way towards the new world instead of struggling and fighting and having so much anxiety and discomfort in the process.

"If you've come to be part of that, then right now something is driving you mad. You may not even realise it; the itch in the back of your mind, the constant anxiety in your guts, the feel that something huge is happening and you're missing the bus, the desperate desire to run away and hide under something, stick your head in the sand, go back home wherever home is, to get away. Those of you who came with something huge you intended to do, right now, are coming up against your deadline. You have the next 8 years or so to find these pieces inside, to open them up and become something so amazing that people listen to you, to become good enough at communication that you can share what you mean, to become developed enough with your gifts that you can use them even when there is a stadium of 50.000 people demanding attention and distracting you.

This isn't true of everybody. This is true of one person in a thousand, one person in a million perhaps. It depends on the size of the drive. Most people have a small drive nudging them to change. Everybody has the basic drive of the world changing. A very few have a big enough drive that you will become world leaders, patron saints, that you will redefine religion or parenting, music or art, war, society, education, government. A few of you have a drive so big that you cannot fight it. For those, right this moment, when everything is reminding us of the buried memories of the Anu, everything is showing us ghosts and extra-terrestrials and meta-gifts and empathy and telepathy, everything is indicating these things that before have just been myth, and everything is driving you, sometimes to crazy ideas - it doesn't matter that they are crazy ideas, because they will continue to grow and drive you to transform."

- from "If you came here to be something more", by Kirael doAni

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