Ninth Era: Ancient memories

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After the Catastrophe, the Gods were not heard from again. The old civilisations were in ruins, whole cities had disappeared from the face of the Earth, entire cultures were wiped out. Survival was all that mattered for a very long time.

It took thousands of years for humanity to work themselves up from living in caves, using sticks and stones, to re-inventing agriculture, to eventually re-inventing city-states. There were the memories of the old Gods, but they were distorted. Some old writings and old technology was recovered, but few could figure out how to use it.

Everything you’ve been taught of the Gods and ancient civilisations is from this time.

When, following the cataclysm, the first groups of humans started emerge from their hiding places, they were not the same people as those who had fled from the violence of the Gods many generations ago.

With the loss of the ancient cultures, technology levels had decreased and much knowledge had been lost. The old languages, teachings and mythologies of their ancestors had been diligently passed on, but inevitable changes had been made, and much was forgotten.

Humanity had to rebuild entirely. However, humanity is resilient, and not everything had been lost. They planted their crops, farmed their animals, and re-created their societies and city states at an explosive rate. Soon, humanity worked its way back up to advanced civilisations.

Since the arrival of the Anu, human cultures have been strongly influenced by their teachings. Pyramid shapes were common to deflect the incoming energies. Great open spaces were needed for the carriages of the Gods. The Anu had been an integral part of human societies for as long as humanity could remember.

When humanity started re-building after the cataclysm, many of the Anu teachings were still part of their cultural heritage, and of their mythologies. So of course, when they started building their great cities, they built pyramids and landing platforms.

Without any personal knowledge of the systems they were imitating, most early civilisations ended up as cargo cults without function.

Even though the Anu tried for a long time to retrieve their technology from Earth and to destroy their facilities on the surface, they did not manage to recover all of it.

The Me were powerful devices, supercomputers that taught those who were able to use them how to develop new technologies, how to govern large numbers of people, how to win battles and much more. They were hoarded jealously by those who possessed them, and though the Anu managed to retrieve or destroy many, at least 7 of them remained in human hands.

Over the many centuries after the cataclysm, the Me were used to gain great power by those who possessed them.

As bio-engineered artificial units, the grey were not affected by the cycles of energy on our world. They had been designed to function reliably for a long period of time, and continued to do so even after the Anu were gone.

The grey were advanced technology, and given the Anu’s distrust of humanity, they were carefully programmed to only take orders from the Anu themselves. However, it was normal for the Anu to be in hibernation for thousands of years when the energies were strong.

In their absence, the grey performed routine maintenance tasks on Anu structures both above ground and below and carried out surveys in a variety of areas that were of interest to the Anu.

One of the routine tasks the grey would carry out for the Anu, was to screen the offspring born to humans all over the world, looking for infants with traces of the Anu bloodlines and those with special abilities.

Since the creation of the human race and especially since the later manipulations to shorten their lifespan, the Anu kept an eye on their breeding programs. They did not want unexpected developments. Those with more of Anu genes were occasionally singled out and prepared for service of the Gods. They might see holographic images of the God or Goddess from childhood, teaching them.

Even after the Anu disappeared, the grey continued running the screening programs.

From the days of the banished Anu travelling the world, there had been mystery schools, places of advanced learning that taught those willing and worthy the ancient teachings of the Anu scientists, in their quest for inner knowing and becoming whole as a person.

Tracing back to the very beginning of humanity, these teachings were passed on generation after generation by those who practised them – often in secret. Although sometimes corrupted or diluted over time, much of this ancient knowledge survived the cataclysm.

Sometimes, secret organisations were taught by the Me, or influenced by the God or Goddess. Sometimes they dealt in magic or technology, sometimes they sought power.

In those days after the catastrophe, one figure was especially iconic: that of the lone traveller, often an older man who lived for a very long time and who was both skilled as a warrior and had a deep understanding of the energies.

In many cultures, this figure was known as the Constantine, or the constant one. He was a mysterious figure, and would show up generation after generation, seemingly never aging. There were many such men known in history, and they all trace back to the meddling of the Anu.

The Constantine would travel the world, carrying ancient knowledge and applying this knowledge in the world where needed.

Although it may be tempting to blame the Anu for all of the ugliness in the world, there are currently no reptilians running around in human suits, or a 4th dimension from which aliens are controlling the world. Since the cataclysm, there have been no Anu left in this world to meddle in human affairs.

Many of the strange occurrences that people have witnessed over the years, are actually humanity’s own doing.

Advanced technology has been developed and produced by humans and kept hidden from the general public to maintain an advantage. The threat of alien interference has been used as a scare tactic to maintain control. Human greed has been responsible for much suffering.

For thousands of years, leaders from cultures all over the world have been trying to bring back the Gods. Through secret societies, the teachings of the Me, and findings from ancient cultures, they maintained the knowledge that the Gods were powerful, and real.

Those in charge built great monuments, imitated ancient structures, performed rituals and sacrifices, developed technology, searched for objects of power, all to find a way to communicate with the Anu and tell them “We are here, we still serve you, come back and help us.”

They hoped that when the Anu returned, they would be rewarded with great power, and would rule the world. Although the common people would suffer, the ones in charge would benefit immensely.

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