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We are currently entering a new Golden Age in the development of our world, and leaving the iron age of separatism, greed, abuse, fear and hatred behind us. As the energies and the light are coming back into our world, now is the time to look to our past, and unbury the secrets that have been festering in our shared consciousness – so that we may let them go, and begin to heal.

The history of the Anu involvement in our world is perhaps the most important part of our past that we as a species must now remember. It started over a quarter million years ago, and continues to affect us to this day.

When you experience a trauma in your childhood, such as abuse, a deep loss, a horrifying event, it affects you for the rest of your life. The trauma changes how you grow up, and if you do not get the help you need, it will leave you with emotional scars.

It is no different for an entire species.

The Anu involvement in our world damaged humanity at a time when our species was still very young. In our shared human subconscious, we are all still traumatised to this day by the horror our ancestors experienced.

Over the past years, there has been a huge rise in movies and shows about an apocalypse happening on Earth, and a small group of humans having to survive in a scorched-Earth scenario. Movies have been showing us bombs raining down on the planet, while whole cities are being wiped off the map.

Similarly, over the past decade we seem collectively fascinated by aliens, yet they are rarely portrayed as wise, compassionate beings. In most media, non-terrestrial intelligent species are shown as violent and manipulative, here to use Earth and its resources for their own gain or to enslave and exploit humanity.

These themes are popular not because they reflect rational fears about the future, but because they touch something much deeper.

Some people believe that aliens exist. Some people believe that science has the answers to everything. Some believe in a God. Some believe in themselves. Some don’t believe anything at all. Some are seeking, looking for answers.

Belief is a dangerous thing. Believers want you to think as they do, or think you and your views don’t matter because you don’t believe the same thing. Believers stop questioning, they don’t look for new information or try to find a clearer understanding.

It’s too easy to go from seeking for answers, to making a religion out of the answers you found, which is why all of us need to be very aware when looking for answers.

In this section of NewGoldenAge.info, you will find a recounting of the memories of Kirael doAi of the events that took place over the course of the last 300.000 years of human history. It is not a complete story, but great effort has been put into scanning everything from a deep intuitive place. This is as close as it gets to the real story of the Anu involvement in humanity’s history.

Should you believe any of this story? Of course not.

We encourage anyone hearing this to scan it, to sense it, to feel it. See which parts actually feel right, what might have some truth to it to your own senses. Search for pieces of your own past, your own dreams and nightmares that support it. Don't believe it blindly, but also don't disbelieve it blindly.

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