When you are working in a totally new field, there often are no words yet to describe the new phenomena you encounter, or the processes that are relevant to the field. By necessity, we have to create some. However, since we created them, you are probably unfamiliar with them or with our way of using them. Here's a quick guide.





That which underlies and creates the physical and emotional. The underlying energy of a thing affects its physical expression - so if you are holding an energy that is hateful or otherwise shadow, it will affect your physical systems, whether you are aware of these energies or not. Similarly, the energy of the world affects all things in the world. There are many layers of energy, from the more subtle to the more dense.



Literally, "the energy of the heart of the infinite". One of the commonly used names for the entity responsible for bringing about the awakening of the heart on our world and the surrounding part of what is. He is the one of the First (doAni) who holds the energy of love. He is also one of the mythical Old Ones who are known to meddle in the affairs of other races to maintain harmoy in the universe.



The natural intuitive abilities everyone is born with. They are all magic, and take energy to work. There is a wide variety of gifts, across three main categories: Sensers, Shapers and Sources, that express in both humans and many species of animal. Think here of mind reading, long distance and temporal sensing, finding gifts, and many others.More on these on the Meta-Intuitive Info website.



The Shift
The period between October 2010 and October 2015, during which the window was open for this world to make a massive shift in it's long term trajectory.



A working is an intentional focussing of energy and will, using magic, to bring about a real change in the world. In the context of this website, we often use "Working" to mean one of the great global workings by Kirael.



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