Non-terrestrial Intelligent Life

cat ntisSince the very first civilisation, life has developed into sentience across many worlds. Across the galaxy, intelligent life exists in all manner of shapes and sizes, functioning at many different levels of development.

Some of these are ancient and have natural lifespans of easily millions of years. Others live shorter lives, and yet others have stages of gestation during which they transform from one type of lifeform to another. Some species have expanded across the galaxy and settled colonies and space stations, while others have remained insular and largely mind their own business. Some have made great technological advances, but not all. Some species have chosen to live simply, others have favoured spiritual advances over technological. Some species are constrained to physical bodies, others have long left a physical existence behind them. Most species have developed well beyond our own current level. Humanity is an infant species at this point.

Here you will find what information we have available on some of the other non-terrestrial intelligent species.

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