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A: Life has never been as exciting for three reasons:

  1. It is, after millions of years, the time of the return of the light. Our world has lived in shadow for so long, we do not even in our shared consciousness remember a time when it was different. We think violence and hatred and living in constant fear for survival, fear of not having enough, is normal. We've learned that people using one another, going to war over childish squibbles, ignoring the suffering of others, is normal. It's not normal. We have been living in a damaged, sick world. It's finally healed, and we are learning for the first time to live in the light.
  2. It is, after approximately ten thousand years, the time of the return of magic. Magic is the ability to use the natural intuitive gifts that have always been a part of humanity. Only in times when the Earth is in that part of its astronomical cycle where the energies are freely available do these gifts come to expression. We have entered into the energies around 1952, and they are finally beginning to make it down to the planet strongly enough for everyone to notice and to start experimenting with their gifts. 
  3. It is, for the first time ever, the time of the evolution of humanity to the heart, and to sentience. This transition was not possible until the return of the light. While we think that we are a very intelligent species, in most ways we still function very much as a tribal species - like monkies. When we are upset, we throw feces at each other. When we can't resolve a dispute, we scream and bully. We hoard and consume resources. We live to work and make money and buy things. No other race would consider this sentience. But right now, this is changing. People are awakening to the heart, and all of society will change as a result. 

A: Everything is different, and it's a very real change - not just some energies that changed, but the underlying fabric of everything that creates the way this world works. It's the end of war and violence and gender aggression and much more. Real things, in the real world, affecting real people right now.

If you haven't noticed any of what this website talks about, there's nothing wrong with you.

Many of the changes have been intentionally hidden from view. If it had been easy to notice that something was changing early on in the process, those in power might well have panicked at the realisation that their entire foundation was disappearing from under them, and done something drastic. People might have spent years feeling neurotic and scared as they watched everything change around them. People aren't good at change. Now, with the changes only becoming visible slowly and once it's completed, people can simply adjust quickly and easily, sometimes without even consciously realising things are different. 

On top of that, all of the changes have been created bottom-up: starting at the very deepest, most fundamental layers that humans can't begin to perceive, to the structural levels that only the best trained and most intuitives among us have access to, to the deeper surface level that most natural metas can sense, to eventually the top layers of the surface where they become obvious to everyone. Most changes at the moment are just beginning to make it to the surface. 

A: An enormous change is going on in the world. Everything is changing, from our societies to our personal relationships, from our biology to our meta-intuitive abilities, from our sexuality to our spirituality. They're going to affect every aspect of life for the upcoming decades.

These changes aren't random. They are happening guided by the work of Kirael, who has been with Earth for a very long time, working behind the scenes to heal the damage and prepare humanity for the transition to the heart. The world is becoming more light, more magical and more heart centered. Humanity is growing up.

From now on, everything done in shadow - in fear, anger, hatred, aggression, violence, greed - is actively bad for you and will make you sick. Everything done in the light - in joy, excitement, curiosity, caring, love - will leave you full of energy, healthier and more beautiful.



A: People aren't good with change.

As more and more of the changes start to become apparent, you start realising that everything you've ever known is different. You are different. The people around you are different. The way people respond to things you've done all your life has changed, and the way you respond to what you've liked and disliked has changed. Of course you feel nervous. All the ideas you had on how the world works don't work anymore. 

It doesn't help that you - like everyone else born before October 2015 - were raised in a world of shadow, and all you expect out of the world is shadow. So when you notice something is different, your first instincts for a while are going to be to panic - you don't know what to expect, but part of you assumes it's probably bad. When you hear there is a single entity creating this much change in your world, you get suspicious, because everybody in your experience who has had great power, has been an ugly person using it to create fear and lack and oppression in the world.

It's not a world of shadow anymore now. It's ok to relax. Let go of your anxiety long enough to reach out and perceive the changes for yourself, and make up your own mind. 

A: We are being very careful to make sure that the information on this website comes directly from Kirael. As one of the Old Ones, and one who has attained mastery also in this life, he is gifted with astounding intuitive abilities, and has scanned the information very carefully. Since he is the one personally shaping the changes that are happening in the world, this seems to us the most reliable source.

Some of the information consists of audio recordings. As this is the way the Angel often talks to his students about the more important topic, these are a great way to get first hand information without having to rely on transcriptions or translations. You can get the words and the energy directly - something that has never been possible before with the great teachers in the past. Other information was recorded or transcribed by students privately while he was talking. A fair amount of the articles are written by the editors based on a collection of notes taken sometimes over years.

In doing so, we are making an effort to put out what scans and make no assumptions about what our audience may be able to handle. We trust that if readers are not ready for a certain piece of information, they will simply walk away and perhaps come back at a later time. 

A: Check us out on social media. We've a facebook and twitter that are maintained, a soundcloud full of audios, and a youtube channel in development. Links below.

If you want to get in touch with the editors, tech support or have questions for press, feel free to use the contact form on the website or reach out through any of these social media. If you want to connect more personally and meet Kirael in person, that can in some cases be arranged, just let us know who you are and why you would like to meet. The house periodically takes in interns through The Elfpath Foundation, or receives visitors of like hearts.


Facebook: NewGoldenAge - here is where updates on new workings, shifts in energies and glimpses of the workings surfacing in the world are first posted. If you want to stay super on top of things, this is where you'll want to be.

Twitter: @newgoldenage22 - little updates on big changes.

Soundcloud: kiraeldoani - there's up to 300 audios here on a variety of topics. Check out the playlists to find the topic of your interest. Some, but not all, of these audios are embedded in the New Golden Age website.

Youtube: Kirael doAni - same audios, but then on youtube, for those who prefer this way of getting content. There's only a few on here for now.

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