• cat leadershipAs our world wakes up, we will need new people to step up and take the lead: people with awareness, with deep intuitive abilities and wisdom to know which of the things in our world are actually problems, and what solutions to create.

    We will need people with integrity, who love deeply and communicate clearly, who care not just about an individual country or agenda, but about our world as a whole. We will need people who are not invested in the old world, or crippled by its horrors.

    Such people have long been in our world, living quiet lives, growing and becoming and often completely unaware of their own potential. As the world wakes up, so will these often young people, and even if they don’t know it yet, they will be everything we need.

  • cat musicAs people become more intuitive and more aware of their surroundings, they will perceive the world around them with more clarity and detail than before. Musicians will create harmonies with a complexity and beauty they could not have dreamed of, and artists will add an intensity and vibrance and life to their creations that will mark the beginning of whole new kinds of music.

    With the return of the energies, the world itself will have richer colours and sounds and tastes to explore.

    And perhaps most importantly, as our world moves away from fear and towards joy, and with all the other changes in society and personal life that will give people the opportunity to spend more time and energy on self-expression, creativity will increase immensely.

  • gae cat relationships

    With people now feeling much more secure and confident and looking at the world from love, they will express this love towards each other. Interactions between people will be open-hearted and honest, with people genuinely caring about those around them and reaching out to help where needed.

    Social contracts like marriage will largely disappear, as well as other ways to control and manipulate within relationships. Jealousy, deception and abuse will be a thing of the past. Instead, relationships will have a sense of harmony: rather than fight together, people will dance together. Romantic relationships will be predominantly between people of the same gender - men will embrace this more quickly and readily than women.


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