I involved

It is the most amazing, interesting time in the history of our world, and you are alive and right in the middle of it, right now! Of course you want to be involved.

And you are. Everybody is. The energies in the world are affecting every single person - human, animal or otherwise - in this world. Whether you are aware of it or not, you have been changing so much over the last few years. You've become less violent and hateful, less afraid, you've probably started to get more intuitive and if you're paying attention, you're probably smiling more.

You are probably already finding things rooted in fear less attractive, get bored with violence and horror in movies and tv sooner than you used to, are less abusive and more caring to people in your life, and are making decisions in your life from a much healthier place.

Beyond what you are already doing simply by being alive at this time, there are some simple things you can do to get involved in the new Golden Age.

Get informed

 Awareness is always the first step.

Get informed on what has changed in the world. Learn what is currently changing and what the trends are for the next ten years, and how that affects you. Learn the difference between light and shadow, and start noticing them in yourself.

When you know what to watch for, it becomes so much easier to avoid the things that make you feel tired, bored, frustrated, and impatient and seek out those things that make you full of energy, excited, curious, alive. Getting informed about the changes lets you make great decisions for the future, no matter what field you are active in.

When you go beyond that and start to notice the patterns ... the beautiful ways in which the world is changing around you right now, and when you start watching the process of it changing people and their expressions all over the world, you may well have given yourself the greatest gift you can.

Inform others

Given how much has changed over the past years, many people are confused. The things they've done all their lives aren't working anymore, or are not bringing them the satisfaction that they once had. Suddenly, everything is going wrong in their lives, or everything is going right and they are having incredible luck. People are feeling things they've never felt before, both in themselves and from other people. Their interests and attractions have changed. Their intuitive gifts are coming online.

The more the effects of the Shift become visible, the more people are going to be confused.

A great way to be involved in this process is to use your new understanding of the Shift and what's going on with the new Golden Age to help others around you understand what is happening in their lives. You'll be able to ease worries, take away fears, and reassure people that there isn't anything wrong or strange about them all the sudden - everybody is experiencing the same things.

If they're interested, you can tell others what is going on and why, but you don't even have to. Just telling someone that they are more sensitive to energies because it's part of the change going on in the world at the moment, or that many people these days find their sexual orientation has changed and it's a way for the world to sort out overpopulation, can be a huge relief.

Get Joy

Now that we are solidely living in the new Golden Age, perhaps the single most important thing is that everything you do is rooted in joy.

Those things that are coming from joy, are incredibly healthy for you now. They lead to healthy emotions like curiosity, excitement, and eventually into passion. They allow you to be creative, to make beautiful things and fascinating stories and astounding new inventions. They also make you smarter, more effective in your thinking, and more successful in everything you do.

To be involved in the new Golden Age and bring about the changes we want to see in the world, change your habits, let go of your fears, and start basing everything in your life on a deep, real sense of joy. Don't allow energies and attitudes that shut you down, and actively practise energies and attitudes that make you smile, that make you giggle, that bring you joy.

By simply aligning yourself with the new energies that have been coming in and acting from joy in all that you do, you are helping this world transision and anchoring the energies of the light more solidly into the system as a whole.

Spread joy

When you can act from joy yourself - and only then - look for ways to spread that joy to others.

The more you encourage and support joy and all the things that come out of joy in others, the more their lives will start to get easier, and the healthier they will become.

The up side for you: spreading joy to those around you brings you a network of wonderful, happy, beautiful people to share and play and work with.

This is the way of the light. When people act from joy, refuse to get negative and find ways to smile and be happy about everything in their life, everything gets easier, and the joy spreads to make everyone else's life better, too.

Practise Love

The centre of this Shift is the move of humanity to the heart. When you begin to act from joy in everything you do, your heart will open and grow stronger - you'll start to see the world completely differently, and realise that what poculture has called "love".... isn't.

When you begin to experience love from the heart, practise is. Practise loving your pets, your friends, the birds in your window, randoms strangers coming by. Simply be in your heart, and look at them. The heart is a muscle. The more you practise loving, the better you will get at it, and the bigger difference you will be able to make in the world.

Most people have never been loved. Just a moment of someone truly loving them, from the heart, can change lives and heal wounds that have been there for a very long time.

Remember who you are

If you want to do even more to be involved in the transision into the new Golden Age ... the best you can do is to start remembering who you are. Stop living by default. Start looking inside. Question everything.

In this very special time, many of us have come here with a purpose. Many of the wise and powerful leaders of the past have returned at this time to help humanity transision. Many have come to witness the change, and to play a part in bringing it about. There is a very good chance that the reason you are alive right now is because you wanted to be a part of this Shift and the beginning of the new Golden Age.

The only way to live that purpose, is to look deep inside yourself. To remember who you are, who you came into this life as, and eventually who you have been in other lives. It is inside that you will find the strength and guidance to take you further on your path.



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