When you experience a trauma in your childhood, such as abuse, a deep loss, a horrifying event, it affects you for the rest of your life. The trauma changes how you grow up, and if you do not get the help you need, it will leave you with emotional scars.

It is no different for an entire species.

The Anu involvement in our world damaged humanity at a time when our species was still very young. In our shared human subconscious, we are all still traumatised to this day by the horror our ancestors experienced.

People with childhood traumas often are scared of things that healthy people handle easily, and find themselves unable to respond reasonably in stressful situations. They may have trouble regulating emotions, for example, or show behaviours like becoming anxious and fearful, exhibiting aggressive behaviours, acting out in social situations, fearing adults who remind them of the traumatic event, and/or imitating the event.

The mind has many mechanisms to protect itself. If you went through a traumatic experience in the past, your mind may very well bury the experience and the strong emotions that come with it, so that you don't have to spend all your resources handling the trauma. The trauma gets pushed down, and because of that, you can go on with your life. But if you live a long enough time, those buried memories start to leak back into your life, and you feel paranoia or obsession or anxiety, and it eventually takes over your life.

The way to healing is to go back and recover the memories of what happened. The repressed memories need to be brought back into awareness, and by feeling it, and expressing it, and talking about it, you un-bury the trauma so that you can begin to remove its pain from your life. This is the nature of all of modern psychology's regression therapy and talk therapy.

The Anu are perhaps the biggest external influence on humanity in the entire history of our species. Horrible events have happened over the thousands of years that the Anu interacted with our species, events that have affected our long-term development and turned us into the people we are today. Humanity as a species has buried memories of violations to our bodies, to our minds, to our free will. Over hundreds of generations, we have experienced intense fear of the gods and their wrath; we’ve undergone war and destruction, we’ve been enslaved and manipulated and used.

In our shared human subconscious, the trauma caused by the Anu still lingers to this day, buried yet toxic. It affects how we think and how we feel, causing all the symptoms of unhealed abuse and trauma not just in individuals, but in society as a whole.

Humanity needs to remember the stories of the traumas in her past, and in remembering them bring them into the light. Only then will they no longer come out in our nightmares, in our obsessions, in our anxieties.

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