Relevant events and trends in Earth's history

c PastImportant events in the past are not always noticed, or reported correctly, or understood in the context of a larger scope. Some things are forgotten across many thousands of years, others have been actively suppressed, and some of what we think of as history has been rewritten entirely. It is difficult to know exactly what happened in the past, or how one thing led to another.

A clearer understanding of the events and trends in history that brought us to where we are now helps us to understand the scope and the impact of the Shift that has just swept across our world, and gives us an indication of the things we will need to set right going forward.

This is not an attempt to prove or disprove historical events. It is a recounting of the memories of meta-intuitive master Kirael doAni. It is our hope that with this recounting, some of the hidden and forgotten parts of our history will begin to resurface, and that those who are also remembering will find some recognition here. 


era0 anu

Approximately 300.000 years ago, a small group of people came to Earth on a research mission to study the awakening of sentience. They intended to be peaceful scientists, but the energies around this world affected them in a way they did not expect, and drove them mad. Their influence directed the birth of humanity, and has affected our development ever since.

Here you can find an extensive overview of the involvement of this reptilian race called the Anu (or the Annunaki by some) from their first arrival, throughout the development of humanity, to our present-day society, with some context to help you connect these ancient memories to other such stories.

c Kirael

This section recounts the involvement of the Kirael consciousness throughout the development of humanity, with some context to help you connect these ancient memories to other such stories.

Changing the course of an entire world is no easy feat. A huge amount of vectors are included, and it should have been an impossible task. There was only a small window available for the Shift to happen, a very short time in which it was conceivable that someone with enough skill, magic and power might be able to heal the underlying tear in the fabric of the universe. And even then, it was by no means a certainty from the start. Creating this much change in such a small window of time took a long period of preparation and some very unconventional means.

Below, you will find a (very incomplete) overview of the many ways Kirael doAni has been involved in the history of this world over the past quarter million years, to allow us to make the Shift into a new Golden Age.

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