All of the material on this site is original and directly reflect the teachings of Kirael doAni. They are not based on outside sources, nor have outside sources been used in the development of any of these ideas predictions.

In fact, the use of additional references has been intentionally avoided in the creation of this website and its content. There is beautiful work out there, by amazing people who have sacrificed much in order to find and share with the world some pieces of the puzzle. However, there is too much confusion, intentional obfuscation and misleading information as well, and any attempt to combine all existing theories into a unifying framework must of necessity fail. Instead, we keep it simple and tell you only what the Angel has told us.

Below, we provide a list of other sources talking about similar things as the ideas presented on New Golden Age. We do not guarantee the validity of any of these sources, and simply offer them as material that can possibly be of interest to you.

  • Some more explanation on the photon belt (relating to the Return of Magic), with a good picture, over at universal life tools.

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