me angelMany theories that have been suggested to explain the mandala effect, yet no one has been able to really explain why people are remembering a world that looks different, or what is going on.

Our world has been falling apart. Humanity has been on the brink of destroying itself through its violence and savagery. If you're going to change the world from falling apart to wonderful, you can't do that overnight. But a series of cumulative changes over time leading in the right direction ... this can shift a world from a path towards destruction to a path towards a new Golden Age.

Now, since the year of revelation 2016, since the rift is closed and the Shadow is gone from the world, since the energies of fear and anger are no longer sustainable, it has become possible for humanity to wake up and become aware of the huge changes that have happened. The growing awareness of Kirael’s changes across time are what you know as the Mandela effect.

A lot of people talk about Nibiru when they try to understand what's going on with the Shift, or with the Mandela Effect. They are worried about it being a planet in orbit around our world that will come and somehow destroy us. This is just a story.

Nibiru is not causing the Mandela Effect, or even related to it. It's a space station, a ship, that's parked in orbit around our planet. It is the vessel in with the Anu first came to our world, roughly 300.000 years ago, and where they lived during much of their time with our world. As the Anu set themselves up as gods, people came to refer to the place they lived as "the heavens" or "the dwelling place of the gods".

One of the reasons why Nibiru often gets linked with the Mandela Effect, is that the changes in our world are bringing back memories of humanity's ancient past.

Once we start realising that the Mandela Effect is real and that it's happening to all of us, all the time, the next question is: What the .... ?? How is this happening? What's causing it?

One possible cause of the Mandela Effect is changes being made in the past, and this is the one I want to take some time to explain here.

Time travel is impossible ... nearly, for most. As one of the original tones, one of the First (o Ani), Kirael exists far outside what we consider reality, and works directly with the deep underlying patterns that eventually create the world we see. For such a one, changing the way we move through time is possible.

For the past million years, Kirael has been working to bring change to our world and help humanity awaken. At most key moments in our history, he has been there, actively changing things, inspiring people, nudging events. This is an enormous work, and hasn’t been done from a linear perception of time.

Kirael has consistently worked across three dimensions of time. Whenever he has created a great change in the world, he worked that change back through history and into the future, with a peak at the time of the working. He has often created a change now by beginning the process long into the past.

There are so many different ideas going around about the Mandela effect, that it can be very confusing to try and figure out what is going on, especially when you are new to the effect. In just a couple of minutes, the Angel explains that if you have to believe something, there is a good guideline for which theories to pay attention to and which to ignore.

The great Shift occurred between 2010-2015. This was the window in which it was possible to make the greatest changes, to shift the path humanity had been on towards a new Golden Age instead of towards destruction. In this time, Kirael doAni has done most of his great work, and made most of the changes that are now resulting in the mandala effect.

People first started noticing mandala effects in 2010, but it has not become widespread until late 2015. It is not a coincidence that these are exactly the Shift dates. Something around 2010 changed so that people could start noticing, and around 2015 the changes became bigger and people more aware.

The Shift was an extremely important time in human history. While the window was open, it had to remain a fixed point in time, and any timestream had to go through the key energy events that occurred during this period.

The timestream is, generally, very stable. Like a river running downhill to meet the ocean, time has a tendency to correct its course towards a harmonious path, even if changes are made to it from an external source. This is why time travel is considered impossible: time would just revert any changes made to maintain its consistency.

In order to change our world and the direction humanity would take, it was necessary to shift the entire timestream to a completely new balance, a new harmony. As a result, things that once happened and affected the way the world works today, didn’t happen at all, and new events were able to take place that before didn’t happen

The difference between what once happened and what is in line with the adjusted timestream, is what is popularly being called the Mandela effect.

You may have seen a song, a book, a picture, a map, an historical event, change more than once. The reason for this is that adjusting the timestream does not happen simply by picking up a line and putting it somewhere else. It is a dynamic process, with every change affecting the others, until eventually the timestream anneals in the new place and becomes stable again.

Until then, we are all looping through the bubble in which the timestream is changing. Every time a change affects our lives, we go back to the place-time where we are affected, and move forward from there on. Our own personal history is rewritten as the history of the world is rewritten, many times over, until we come out the other end.

Here you can find a partial transcript of a non-published recording by Kirael doAni, explaining the idea of these loops.

You can think of the timestream as a small tube moving through a large space of probabilities: of all the things that could have potentially happened, the path that the tube takes in this space is what actually happened. Towards the bottom are the potentialities for shadow, toward the top those for light.

Originally, throughout all of our history, our timestream has crawled through shadow and darkness. With the healing of the tear in the fabric of reality in 2010, this could begin to change. However, our long past of violence and hatred would still affect us for many generations to come.

To change the impact of humanity’s horrifying past on our future, Kirael re-plotted our timestream through this space of potentialities, creating a golden path from 10.000 years ago up to the present. The expected result is that all of modern history will change radically.

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