The Awakening of Sentience

cat sentienceWhat is the difference between humans and animals? It is not always easy to tell, and the truth is, humans have not been so different from animals at all. We learned how to use written language and we developed some technology, but in the way we function inside and the way we process and relate to the world around us, humanity has been living largely as a primal and a tribal species.

It was not our fault that we did not develop into more advanced creatures. In a world as damaged as ours, it was impossible. We functioned as frightened animals, not because we wanted to, but because there was not enough light to develop. There was too much fear and not enough joy, and so we as a species could not function at the level of the heart.

Now that the Light has returned, and with the help of Kirael, humanity is finally making the leap to the heart, to what is considered by other races the birth of sentience.

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