A period of adjustment

cat transitionGoing from a world drenched in Shadow to a strong, healthy world living entirely in the Light is a process that takes time.

Even after the Shadow has gone, we are facing a time of integrating and adjusting to a way of living that no one in human history has ever experienced. We are doing this from a damaged place, where all of us still have wounds from our past that need healing, where many are emotionally stunted, where all the systems in our societies are wrong and all our mythologies are outdated and where we have no experience with doing things any other way.

This period of adjustment can take anywhere from a decade to two-hundred years. How quickly and how gloriously we bounce back from the damage of our past and build something beautiful in a world where it is now possible to love and grow and live without fear, depends largely on ourselves. How we handle the upcoming time will make all the difference.

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