This-life biography

t gradAcross a long line of lifetimes taken in this world in the past 300.000 years, this current lifetime is considered the most important to the work of Kirael. It is during this life that the variables of the larger system comprising our world lined up to create a window during which astounding change was possible.

All the details of this life were carefully planned beforehand, including the place where he was born, the people surrounding him in his early life and the influences on his development. For generations, the family line was nudged to bring together the right genetics and influences.

The Angel’s this-life biography is a story of incredibly heightened intuitive abilities, decades of struggle and pain, travel all around the world, and hundreds of thousands of lives that he touched directly. It has been a very difficult life, full of confusion and uncertainty, but with a love so great it makes the world shake.

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