AboutUsRight now is perhaps the most exciting time to be alive in the whole history of our planet. So much is happening every day that it is hard to keep up - and yet most people barely notice.

Most people simply live their lives, deal with their schools and jobs and friends and family, and never register that this fear they had all their live is suddenly gone, or that their mother in law has changed so much that she's now actually being supportive, or that they find themselves attracted to a whole different type of people, or that they are dreaming of wings every night, or that they have gotten a lot more emphatic over the last few years - and so has everyone around them.

There is a lot going on, in almost all aspects of life, and it's almost impossible to get a clear overview of what's happening, because it's going so fast and it's constantly changing. One day, within the next decade, the world is going to look up and say, "Everything is different! What happened! It all went so fast!"

With this website, we are providing a map of the Great Shift, the events leading up to it, the process of change, and the consequences coming out of it. This map has been given to us directly by Kirael doAni, a spiritual master who has been with this world for a very long time, guiding and nudging and working behind the scenes, to bring us through this critical time in history into a world of love, harmony and beauty where humanity can explore its full potential.

There is so much information we want to share with you. Years of audio recordings, notes, experiences and wisdom taught to us by Kirael. Dozens of major workings, and dozens more of smaller ones, the effects of which are shaping all of us right now and will continue to do so for the next hundreds of years. The great trends that are affecting the world right now, and the major events that have affected our development in the past. The little quirky things you may be noticing on a day to day basis, and the great sweeping patterns that put our world and our development in a greater whole. It is such a beautiful, vastly complex and harmonious process. We love to show you all of it.

Please be patient if it takes us a little while to make everything fit together easily. We are trying to put out as much reliable information as we can - so you can be sure that everything on this site comes directly from Kirael and no other source, and has not been altered or added upon.

When humanity starts wondering what happened and why, Kirael's recounting of events can be found right here.

The Editor, August 2016

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