Second Era: Going crazy

era2 confusedEarth is located in a part of this galaxy where there are strongly fluctuating meta-energies. To humans, the energies are harmless and allow for powerful intuitive abilities in those who are gifted. To the Anu, who did not evolve here, the energies were toxic.

The effects of the local energy cycles on the Anu were disastrous. The energies, that they were completely unfamiliar with and had little way to detect or understand, started to affect their thinking, and later their emotions. Over the timespan of tens of thousands of years, their carefully trained intellect, discipline and societal ethics came crashing down.

Earth is located very close to a powerful upwelling of energy, much like a hot-spring in the middle of a desert. Such places are rare in the galaxy, and considered by most races to be very sacred. They allow for amazing potential in the species evolving around them.

It is the energy of what you might call magic, of life. Our stories of magic come from using this energy, but because it has been so long ago since these energies are strong, we no longer remember those times.

This energy of magic has affected the development of everything in this earth for as long as there has been life on the planet.

The energies from the Upwelling do not come in constantly: they fluctuate, in great cycles of thousands of years. The energies stay for a time, and then they fade.

When they are here strongly, it is a Golden Age for everything on the planet, a time of plenty and of magic. When they fade, the world becomes darker and darker, and magic is eventually lost entirely … until it returns again.

There is a concept in Hinduism of a cycle that our world moves through, with four ages in each cycle. This concept is based on the rise and fall of these same powerful energies in our world.

The Anu came from a star system very far away from Earth. They did not evolve with the fluctuating energies of magic as a constant presence throughout their development. Because of this, and because their species functions predominantly on a mental, intellectual level, they were not aware of the meta-energies in this part of the galaxy.

And yet, these energies became the downfall of their mission on Earth.

When the first golden age came about, the Anu in orbit around Earth were affected them in a way they did not see coming. At first, they responded like they were on drugs. Over the space of many millennia, these once beautiful, peaceful people became increasingly savage, paranoid, greedy and started to squabble amongst each other.

As times became more desperate, and it became obvious to the Anu that the energies around this planet were causing them serious problems, they learned that there were ways in which they could hide from the effects, and at least lessen the impact.

One such way was to go into a stasis chamber, where their bodies were preserved as their minds were unconscious, until the energies had subsided. This method was effective, and the Anu used it for their entire stay on Earth up until very recent times, yet it was not enough to protect them from the energies.

It took the Anu orbiting around Earth a long time to figure out that something was seriously wrong. It took their people at the home world even longer to realise that the mission was failing badly.

This mission, while important, was in a very remote area. As long as regular reports were being sent back home, the Anu back at the home world had no way of knowing that their people had gone mad. When they did become suspicious and sent crews to investigate, these crews also went mad and never came back.

Anu declared Earth a dangerous place, and quarantined the area. Partly through the solar system, they created a band that keeps the Anu from leaving the planet – we know this today as the Van Allen belt.

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