The history of the Anu involvement in our world

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Approximately 300.000 years ago, a small group of people came to Earth on a research mission to study the awakening of sentience. They intended to be peaceful scientists, but the energies around this world affected them in a way they did not expect, and drove them mad. Their influence directed the birth of humanity, and has affected our development ever since.

Here you can find an extensive overview of the involvement of this reptilian race called the Anu (or the Annunaki by some) from their first arrival, throughout the development of humanity, to our present-day society, with some context to help you connect these ancient memories to other such stories.

cult sg1This is a time for people to start remembering what happened in the past. One of the best ways for that to happen, is through the mythologies (modern-day and otherwise) that capture people’s attention. In many books, movies, TV shows, comic books and video games from the past decades, you can find references or even clear retellings of the story of the Anu.

These references in (pop) culture & media serve to bring the Anu and the Ancient Gods back into people’s awareness, and to help them remember the violence and the abuse, but also the powerful stories from the past that shaped humanity into the species we are today.

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