• We have never seen a time as full of potential as this before in the history of our world.

    It is a time of massive change.

  • October 2014 will probably be exceptionally messy and difficult, as Octobers often are. On August 2nd, Angel finished a working, and since then he has done a number of other workings as well - most notably the October working on sexuality. The biggest reason that this working is more interesting to you than the others, even though it's not on as big a scale or as grand a scope, is that it was done entirely on the surface. It addressed human awareness of sexuality and of the changes in expression of sexuality. More and more people are becoming homosexual or realising that they are, or becoming curious about it. More websites  that express sexuality are beginning to show this. While some are beginning to sense it, many don't see much of a difference in the world.

    This working tried to move the awareness of sexual attraction away from habit and into the conscious mind: so everyone will realise what they are sexually attracted to. It tried to unravel the habits of what you were sexually attracted to, because with the habits done, you have to start looking and noticing what you really like. The exhibitionist desire, that an increasing number of people are feeling, has been brought more to the surface, so expect people dressing more sexy and revealing and having sex in public places more often. The working tried to cause those in relationships to re-evaluate their relationships and to check if they are actually attracted to the person they are in a relationship with, and what it is they are attracted to. It included the males as well as the females, with the result that males suddenly will be looking around and checking out other males. It hyped the awareness of the sexuality of children, which has always been there and needs to be noticed, and of the return of sexuality to older people who thought they left it behind. This working tried to knock out all those things that blind humans and to wake up the vision of those new things.

    In October 2014, you should see an awakening of and shifts in humanity's attitudes on sexuality.

    Angel, 2015-09-27

  • The world has changed immensely over the past decades. Especially since the Shift window of 2010-2015, so much has changed in every aspect of life that when the protective veil lifts and people become aware, they are going to have difficulty adjusting. Many new energies and attitudes have come into our world, that humanity with her long history in Shadow has no idea how to handle. We are going to need help.

  • c Kirael

    This section recounts the involvement of the Kirael consciousness throughout the development of humanity, with some context to help you connect these ancient memories to other such stories.

    Changing the course of an entire world is no easy feat. A huge amount of vectors are included, and it should have been an impossible task. There was only a small window available for the Shift to happen, a very short time in which it was conceivable that someone with enough skill, magic and power might be able to heal the underlying tear in the fabric of the universe. And even then, it was by no means a certainty from the start. Creating this much change in such a small window of time took a long period of preparation and some very unconventional means.

    Below, you will find a (very incomplete) overview of the many ways Kirael doAni has been involved in the history of this world over the past quarter million years, to allow us to make the Shift into a new Golden Age.

  • me effectsWhen you look up a few hundred Mandela effects, it becomes clear that while these changes seem to be everywhere, there are a couple of very distinct areas in which changes are concentrating: small things like spelling, names and logos, and much more relevant things like the human body, religion, geography, technology, and a few others.

    There are plenty of people doing excellent work on collecting and listing the effects, finding evidence that things really have changed, and helping you to notice what is going on. What we explain here is that these effects aren’t, in fact, randomly distributed all over the place, but that they are organized in a few distinct groups. That way, you can pick any area of interest to you, and study more specifically what is going on and what is changing in this area.


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