The happening called The Upwelling is going to affect this part of the galaxy for so long, that humans will have evolved into a new species for a second time and it will still be a really big deal. This arm of the galaxy has been knocked out of where it should be, and there's been a rip in the underlying structure, letting energies bleed out and causing shadows and chaos for a fast distance around for a very long time - and Angel has fixed that. It's huge. But until people evolve good enough senses, a long time from now, no one will be able to see any of this for themselves.

There haven't been any better shows than this ... but you can't see it. When there's a great magician performing amazing magic, it's nice to be able to see the show.

This last August 2nd working has been about stuff most people will be able to see if you know where to look. For example, in pictures online there wasn't shadow energy, when before there would have been. In pictures of groups of people, there wasn't anger where usually it would be. In mosquito bites, there wasn't the destructive emotional energy that it usually carries. You don't have to trust the guy behind the curtain, the man behind the mirror on this thing anymore.

Go out and study the things you know well, look for it, because everything is so different. This is the biggest working in the history of humanity that you can actually sense, in your parents, your lovers, yourself, your pictures, the food in your fridge. It is so huge and amazing, and once it settles down it will be so beautiful - and it is well within everybody's reach.

Angel, 2014-08-07

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